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18mm Brown 1950s Pattern Leather Military Watch Strap with Protective Face Cover

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These leather-covered watch straps are available in both 18mm and 20mm widths, measuring 240mm in length. Straps with a face protector have been widely used since the 1950s and remain popular today. Many serving military personnel choose them because they offer a high degree of protection to the watch and prevent image intensifiers from picking up the glow of the watch dial during nighttime operations.

Key Features:

  • Durable Design: Leather-covered for enhanced protection and durability.
  • Length: 240mm, suitable for most wrist sizes.
  • Widths: Available in both 18mm and 20mm to fit a variety of watch models.
  • Face Protector: Conceals the watch dial's glow, crucial for nighttime operations.

Historical Use:

One notable user of these straps was the Rhodesian Army Selous Scouts, a special forces unit active during the Rhodesian Bush War from 1973 until the country's reconstitution as Zimbabwe in 1980. The Selous Scouts, formed from the Rhodesian Special Air Service (SAS) and the Rhodesian African Rifles, operated covertly in small groups as an elite counter-insurgency unit. One of our clients, a former member of this unit, shared an image of the strap on a W10 watch used by the Selous Scouts. This image can be found as the last image after the cap badge.

Modern Relevance:

With the increasing use of self-luminous watches that utilize GTLS tritium light sources, these straps, along with their modern nylon-covered equivalents, have become extremely popular among currently serving military personnel. The straps' ability to conceal the watch's glow is crucial for maintaining stealth during active deployment.

These leather-covered watch straps combine historical significance with modern functionality, making them an excellent choice for both military personnel and watch enthusiasts looking for reliable and protective watch straps.

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