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20mm Orange SAR (Non Fluorescent Variant) NATO Military Watch Strap

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This classic NATO watchband is made from fast-drying ballistic nylon webbing, a high-tech material that is robust, comfortable, and long-lasting, making it ideally suited for military watch straps. The design characteristics of these straps reduce the risk of losing a watch to virtually zero, as the watch is held securely at two different points, making it virtually impossible for it to come off the wrist, even during extreme activities.

History and Evolution

The history of the NATO strap began over 50 years ago with a single grey strap. It initially expanded to include colors such as RAF Blue, Black, Navy Blue, the James Bond pattern, and Olive Green. Since then, we have developed an extensive range of variants in regimental colors, Search and Rescue (SAR) orange, national colors, police unit colors, and various camouflage options for specific situations. These straps are frequently used by military units outside the UK and are popular among serving military personnel for a wide variety of military watches.

Extensive Range

Currently, we manufacture nearly 200 different variants in a wide array of colors and sizes from 18mm to 24mm. These straps are available for retail and wholesale customers, and we also offer custom regimental straps. Many of these straps are sold in large quantities through various procurement contracts.

Specifications and Standards

The original specification for the NATO strap was established by the UK Ministry of Defence as Defence Standard 66-47 Issue 2, published on March 30, 2001. Previous specifications included Def Stan 66-47 Issue 1 (November 13, 1992), Def Stan 66-15 (Part 1) Issue 1 (November 30, 1973), and Def Stan 66-15 (Part 2) Issue 1 (January 31, 1974). The current specification data sheet can be downloaded here. Although minor adjustments have been made, the design remains largely consistent, with most bulk contracts requiring stitching around the buckles.

Versatility and Durability

For over forty years, we have supplied these straps to a diverse range of clients, including military personnel, police, emergency services, exploration units, Search and Rescue teams, oil and gas companies, marine salvage and exploration businesses, and organizations operating in tropical or desert locations. The NATO strap's easy maintenance, quick drying time, and resistance to rot and deterioration make it superior to leather or silicone alternatives.


NATO straps are compatible with watches from all leading military contractors, both past and present, such as Marathon, CWC, Citizen, and Pulsar. They are also ideal for robust civilian watches from brands like Seiko, Rolex, and Breitling.

In summary, the NATO strap's unmatched durability, versatility, and secure design make it the preferred choice for a wide range of professional and personal applications.

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