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A-17 U.S 1950s Korean War Pattern Military Watch (Mechanical/Quartz Hybrid) with 100m Water Resistance

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This recreation of the A-17 watch is based on the original design used by U.S. pilots during the Korean War (1950-1953). This updated version features a high-performance hybrid movement, glass crystal, screw caseback, and 100m (330ft) water resistance. The original A-17 was an improved and updated version of the A-11 used by the USAAF during World War II.

Modern Hybrid Technology

MWC hybrid watches combine the best of modern and traditional watchmaking technology. These watches incorporate features from both automatic and quartz models, resulting in a hybrid, ultra-low maintenance movement. The hybrid movement uses a battery to power the watch through coils and a quartz oscillator, but the hands are mechanically actuated and controlled. Essentially, the movement is mechanical except it’s powered by a battery and regulated by a quartz crystal, eliminating the need for a spring. This watch is ideal for buyers who prefer the sweep second hand of automatic watches combined with the hassle-free maintenance benefits of a quartz watch.

Historical Recreation

In January 2009, a US veterans association approached us to create a watch identical in appearance to the originals made by Hamilton, Bulova, and Benrus during the Vietnam War. We examined samples and original specification sheets, resulting in the GG-W-113, which we still produce. Following this success, we were asked to recreate two earlier models: the A-11 from WWII and the 1950s pattern A-17. The A-17 bridges the gap between the 1940s A-11 and the 1960s GG-W-113, incorporating various characteristics of both watches.

Developed in 2019, this A-17 model retains the original appearance but includes multiple upgrades, such as a screw-down crown, 100m water resistance, screw caseback, and hybrid movement.


  • Width Including Crown: 40 mm
  • Width Excluding Crown: 38 mm
  • Crystal: Hardened glass
  • Thickness: 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 52g
  • Lug Size: 20 mm
  • Lug to Lug: 45 mm
  • Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)
  • Caseback and Crown: Screw-down
  • Movement: Hybrid with "Hack System"
  • Strap: 20 mm Nylon Webbing

This watch is a perfect blend of historical design and modern technology, offering durability, reliability, and timeless style.

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