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MWC Classic 1960s Pattern Divers Watch with Luminova Luminous Paint and a Hybrid Mechanical/Quartz Movement on Matching Bracelet

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This watch is based on a 1960s military specification for diver's watches but includes several modern upgrades. While the original 1960s models were rated for 200m (660ft) water resistance, this watch boasts a 300m (1000ft) rating. It features a screw-down locking crown, screw caseback, Luminova for visibility in low light, and a sophisticated hybrid movement. This movement combines the classic sweep second hand of an automatic watch with the precision of a quartz movement. Additionally, the watch includes a hacking feature for synchronization or to stop the watch and conserve power if it won't be used for an extended period.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Water Resistance: Upgraded from the original 200m (660ft) to 300m (1000ft)
  • Movement: Mechanical quartz hybrid for precision and traditional aesthetics
  • Crown: Screw-down locking crown for enhanced security
  • Caseback: Screw caseback for added durability
  • Crystal: Hardened mineral crystal for improved resilience
  • Illumination: Luminova paint for superior visibility in low-light conditions
  • Historical Accuracy: Features an encircled "T" for historical authenticity while using Luminova instead of Tritium

Hybrid Movement:

The MWC hybrid diver's watch combines the best of both new and traditional watchmaking technologies. The movement is powered by a battery and regulated by a quartz crystal, but the hands are mechanically actuated and controlled. This setup provides the reliability and low maintenance of a quartz watch with the desirable features of a mechanical movement, such as a sweep second hand.


  • Water Resistance: 300m / 1000ft
  • Movement: Mechanical quartz hybrid
  • Crown: Screw-down locking crown
  • Caseback: Screw caseback
  • Crystal: Hardened mineral crystal
  • Case Diameter: 39mm
  • Thickness: 14.4mm
  • Lug to Lug: 47.5mm
  • Weight: 136g
  • Illumination: Luminova paint
  • Strap: 20mm matching stainless steel bracelet

Luminova vs. Tritium:

Although this watch uses Luminova instead of Tritium (common in the 1960s), it features an encircled "T" on the dial for historical accuracy. Luminova does not deteriorate with age and is non-radioactive, providing a safer and longer-lasting luminescence.

This watch combines the reliability and precision of modern technology with the timeless design and functionality of vintage military diver's watches, making it an excellent choice for both professionals and enthusiasts. The robust features and user-friendly design ensure that it meets the needs of today's demanding users while honoring its historical roots.

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