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MWC Swiss Made 500m (1640ft) Water Resistant Automatic Divers Watch in Stainless Steel With Sapphire Crystal, Ceramic Bezel and Helium Valve

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SKU Code: CH/500M/SS/SIL

Introducing the MWC 500m water-resistant diver watches with helium escape valve, part of MWC's latest elite range. These 100% Swiss Made watches are designed for both professional and recreational use, featuring:

  • Impact-Resistant Sapphire Crystal: Ensures durability and clarity.
  • Scratch-Resistant Ceramic Bezel: Ideal for a wide range of applications, from office environments to the most challenging outdoor activities, including professional diving.
  • High-Quality Movement: Equipped with a 25-jewel Swiss Ronda R150 automatic movement, offering a 40-hour power reserve and a hacking function for precise synchronization.

Key Features:

Helium Escape Valve:

  • All MWC 500M diver models come with a helium escape valve, crucial for saturation divers. Helium molecules, being extremely small, can penetrate the watch seals under high pressure. This valve allows helium to escape during decompression, preventing internal pressure buildup that could damage the watch.

Why Helium?:

  • Helium is used in deep-sea mixed gas diving to avoid the negative effects of nitrogen, such as nitrogen narcosis. The helium escape valve ensures the watch remains functional and undamaged during and after deep dives.


  • While typical divers may not need a helium valve, it's essential for deep dive watches like the 500M range to ensure durability and reliability under extreme conditions.

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • Movement: 25 Jewel Swiss Ronda R150 Automatic with hacking function
  • Water Resistance: 500m / 1640ft
  • Helium Escape Valve
  • Crown: Screw Down Locking
  • Case Width: 44mm
  • Case Thickness: 13.4mm
  • Crystal Type: Shatter and Scratch Resistant Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Lug to Lug: 52mm
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Bezel: 120-click unidirectional with ceramic insert
  • Illumination: Swiss Super-Luminova C3 on markers and hands
  • Strap: 22mm Silicone/Rubber

Benefits of Sapphire Crystal:

  • Durability: Synthetic sapphire is highly resistant to shattering and scratching, making it the preferred material for high-end watch crystals.
  • Strength: Heat-treated to remove internal stresses, enhancing its strength and durability.
  • Appeal: Favored by military and security personnel, police officers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Over 70% of our customers belong to these groups.
  • Comparison: While hardened mineral crystals are more durable than regular glass, they don’t match the durability of sapphire. The superior strength of sapphire is why it's also used in the latest iPhones and high-end watches.

These attributes make the MWC 500M diver watch an excellent choice for those seeking a robust, reliable, and stylish timepiece suitable for both professional diving and everyday use.

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