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Watch Demagnatiser - A Vital Tool If You Own Multiple Mechanical Watches - European Pattern Mains Plug

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Dealing with Watch Magnetization: An Easy Fix

Mechanical watches can consist of hundreds of intricate parts. When exposed to magnetic fields, these parts, particularly the hairspring, can become magnetized, causing the watch to malfunction. Fortunately, there's an easy and affordable solution to demagnetize your watch using a demagnetizer.

Why Magnetism Affects Watches:

  • Vulnerable Components: The hairspring, even those made from Nivarox alloys (resistant to oxidation and supposed to be highly resistant to magnetic fields), can still be affected by magnetism. When magnetized, the coils of the hairspring stick together, causing the watch to gain time or even stop working altogether.
  • Common Magnetic Sources: Everyday items and environments can expose your watch to magnetic fields, including airport scanners, MRI machines, smartphones, tablets, handbags with magnetic clasps, speakers, TVs, and security system door contacts.

Detecting Magnetization:

  • Compass Test: Place your watch near a compass. If the compass needle moves, your watch is magnetized. This is a reliable method to diagnose the issue.

Using a Demagnetizer:

  1. Simple Process: Pass the watch back and forth over the demagnetizer to remove the magnetic field and restore normal operation.
  2. Included Guide: Each device comes with straightforward instructions for use.

Product Details:

  • Cost-Effective: Demagnetizers are typically around €40 / £35 / US$49.
  • Dual Voltage: This demagnetizer is dual 220/110V, making it usable worldwide. It comes with a standard European plug. For use in the UK/Ireland/Malta/Cyprus, or other locations, simply use a readily available adapter. A version with a dedicated North American plug is also available on our website.

Customer Experience:

One customer experienced magnetization with every mechanical watch he wore due to frequent exposure to a magnetic device at work. Identifying and eliminating the magnetic source resolved the issue.

Keep your mechanical watch running accurately and efficiently by addressing magnetization issues promptly with a demagnetizer. This simple tool offers a quick and reliable fix to a common problem, ensuring your watch remains in top condition.

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