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MWC WWII Pattern Chrome RAF Goggles Ideal for Aviation, Classic Open Top Cars and Motorcycle Use.

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Product Details

These goggles are specially reduced because we accidentally placed two orders for the same item and hence are overstocked.
These replica WWII RAF pilot goggles are supplied by us to a number of film production companies and also to re-enactment groups they are also ideal for motorcycling, vintage cars etc..

The goggles are a replica of the AN6530 goggles worn by British and US fighter pilots during WWII.  Also known as the B-8 and B-7 Goggles.   

“The AN-6530 Goggles were produced during WWII as eye protection for United States Army and Navy flight crews. In 1943, the AN-6530 design replaced as standard the nearly identical USAAF B-7 goggle produced by Chas Fischer Spring Company of Brooklyn, NY.” – Wikipedia, AN-6530 Goggles

Features and Benefits:
  • Impact Resistant, Shatterproof Lenses
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Adjustable padded elastic strap
  • Extra soft, fully padded cushioning system for extreme protection from wind and debris
  • These goggles are ideal for aviation applications as well as use with motorcycles and classic cars.

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