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The Concise Guide to Military Timepieces: Covering the majority of models over the 110 Years from 1880 -1990

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The Concise Guide to Military Timepieces 1880-1990
By Z. Wesolowski

This comprehensive guide offers detailed descriptions and explanations of over 150 military timepiece models, complete with a guide to current price ranges.

The chapters are organized chronologically and cover various types of timepieces, including:

Pocket and deck watches
Aviator watches
Diver watches

An invaluable reference for collectors, this is the first illustrated guide specifically dedicated to the highly collectible field of military watches and clocks. Z. Wesolowski provides detailed descriptions and illustrations of more than 150 distinct models issued over the past century to the armed forces of Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Holland, Canada, Czechoslovakia, and Japan.

The book also includes an illustrated guide to approximately 160 identification markings found on military timepieces from these nations, plus Spain, Sweden, Austro-Hungary, Poland, China, Chile, and Peru.

Fascinating examples include:

Watches issued to Zeppelin Airship crews during the Great War
Timepieces for the first generation of fighter pilots over London
Trench watches used by officers and men on the Western Front
Watches specific to Doenitz’s U-boat crews
Timepieces for Allied anti-submarine destroyers and corvettes in the Atlantic
Watches issued to Luftwaffe aircrews in the Battle of Britain
Watches used by RAF and USAAF flyers over the Third Reich
Watches developed for Italian frogmen and their US UDT counterparts

The guide also covers contemporary watches issued to modern-day jet fighter pilots, nuclear submarine crews, and Special Forces.

This book is an essential reference for horologists of all levels and particularly useful for collectors interested in the historical significance of these timepieces.


192 pages
Profusely illustrated with 380 black & white photographs

A must-have for any military timepiece enthusiast.


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